2. New: How to create a button that directs users to a pre-filled form on their LinkedIn profiles

Certificate recipients will no longer need to manually fill out their certificates. Instead, you can create a link that will automatically pre-fill the certificate form, similar to the one below:

Information Description Dummy Value
name What you want the Certificate to be named Test Certificate
organizationId* Your organization ID (if your organization has an existing page on LinkedIn) 1337
organizationName* Your organization name (if your organization doesn’t have an existing page on LinkedIn)
issueYear Year the certificate was issued 2018
issueMonth Month the certificate was issued
expirationYear Year the certificate expires 2020
expirationMonth Month the certificate expires 5
certId Certificate ID 1234
certUrl Credential URL https://www.linkedin.com/path/to/certificate/1234

Success stories

We have recently made some changes to our Add to Profile functionality, which will impact how third-party information is populated into fields on a LinkedIn member’s profile. 

Specifically, if a member wants to add certificate or degree fields to their profile, they can continue to do so using the “Add to Profile” flow; however, it will no longer autofill. Members will have to enter the relevant information directly on their profile. 

Developers who implement Add To Profile can now use a static URL to generate their button. Links will no longer be customized for a specific certificate or degree. After clicking “Add To Profile,” users will be directed to a profile form where they can fill out the details of their certificate or degree. Existing customized buttons will continue to work, but they will now direct to the new experience without auto-filling certificate or degree information.

You can find more information on our HelpCenter.